Pixel Watch Gets Fitbit’s Sleep Profile Feature in Premium

Fitbit Pixel Watch

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In addition to the Pixel Watch app update that Google began pushing out yesterday, they’ve announced that Fitbit’s Sleep Profile feature is on the way too. This is a new addition to Fitbit Premium to give you better insight into your sleep and let you know what kind of animal Fitbit thinks you are.

First introduced in June of this year, Fitbit added Sleep Profile (and the cute animals) as a way to share the “analysis of 1.87 million sleep logs by a neurologist, sleep experts and research scientists” they’ve conducted. This data used 10 different aspects of sleep to help explain how your routines and actions can impact sleep and then (hopefully) help you improve what is one of (if not) the most important pieces of your overall health.

As an example of the animal types I mentioned above, you can see three examples below of the Tortoise, Giraffe, and Dolphin. Google says that Giraffe is the most common type of sleep (22.8% of people) and is someone “who doesn’t get a lot of sleep but sleeps solidly when they do.” The Tortoise is someone who spends more time in bed overall, while the Dolphin has an inconsistent sleep schedule. There are others too, like the Hedgehog, Parrot, and the Bear.

Fitbit Sleep Profile - Pixel Watch

Cute animals aside, when your Sleep Profile arrives each month, you’ll also get a detailed analysis of how your sleep patterns compare to someone similar to you (age and gender). Again, the goal is to help you improve because sleep really is that important.

For Pixel Watch users, since this is a monthly report, you’ll get your first one on November 22 if you were able to wear your watch for at least 14 days in October.

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