Here’s the Google Pixel Watch App

Pixel Watch App

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We told you we’d keep refreshing the link that Fitbit shared to help us setup a Pixel Watch and well, it’s now live. You can install the Pixel Watch app right away, before Google fully shows off the device.

There isn’t much of a need to install it at this moment, since none of us have the watch. However, you could go ahead and prepare for when the moment comes that you can slap a Google Pixel Watch on the wrist. You’ll likely be able to pre-order one here in a few minutes.

The app listing does show off the UI of this Google Pixel Watch companion app. You can see the main screen (above) with buttons to change watch faces, adjust Tiles, and tweak notification settings and your Google account connections. It shows your Watch’s status, including battery and connection.

The watch face designer looks quite slick, with lots of color options available, different bezel setups within a watch face, and easy ways to switch complications. There’s also a toggle for the second hand on the watch face seen here.

Finally, the description in the listing mentions installing and managing apps using the companion app and setting up a mobile carrier.

We’re minutes away!

Pixel Watch App

Google Play Link: Google Pixel Watch



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