3rd-Party Theme Developers Bring Apple’s Dynamic Island to Android

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It’s no secret that we think Apple’s Dynamic Island is a great way to make use of the display cutout on the latest iPhone models. We wouldn’t mind seeing something similar come to Android in the future, should the notch/cutout design trend continue. For some phone owners, Xiaomi devices to be exact, they apparently won’t have to wait very long.

Recently published for supported devices via Mi Themes, a developer has gone ahead and created a pretty good rendition of Dynamic Island for Android. In the brief video below, you can see that the expandable notification lives up in the notification area of the device, and when pressed, shows its contents. It’s not perfect, but it’s certainly on the right track and looks pretty smooth.

I saw a few Android fans on this site saying that Dynamic Island wasn’t all that cool. I’m sorry, but you’re wrong. It’s a really creative solution for a problem that may or may not need to exist, but you have to admit that it’s at least neat looking. Sometimes it’s ok to give props when they’re due.

I’m now waiting for something similar on my Samsung device via Good Lock. I know someone out there has to be working on it.



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