First Android 13 QPR1 Beta Update Now Available for Pixel Phones (Updated: Live!)

Android 13 Launch

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If it’s not in a few minutes, it looks like it should be shortly – Android 13 QPR1 is supposed to be available in the Android Beta Program.

The Android Beta Program site was updated this morning to say that “Android 13 QPR1 beta is now available” for still-supported Google Pixel phones, which would include the Pixel 4a, Pixel 4a 5G, Pixel 5, Pixel 5a, Pixel 6, Pixel 6 Pro, and Pixel 6a.

Google has not yet posted factory image or OTA files for this big QPR1 update, but I’m guessing they will later this morning. For now, feel free to enroll in the Android Beta Program (here) to pull the update easily once it goes live.

Android 13 QPR1 Beta

This QPR1 update, for those who missed it, is a big quarterly update that aims to address all sorts of bugs and is the first for Android 13. We most recently received the QPR3 update for Android 12 back in June that fixed at least 35 bugs. There’s always a good chance that when it goes stable and out of beta, that a Pixel Feature Drop will arrive alongside it.

Google told us to expect this QPR1 beta build for Android 13 in September and here we are.

  • UPDATE 1: Well, 10AM Pacific has passed and Google didn’t post files or release notes like we were hoping. They may have jumped the gun on the Android Beta page. We’ll keep an eye out for additional changes or files. There is also a chance that Google simply means that theĀ program is now open and not the first update. That would be somewhat odd, especially since they note that you should check the new release notes for QPR1, which they link to. The release notes page is not currently live.
  • UPDATE 2: And now it’s live! Build T1B1.220819.006 is here for most Pixel phones – T1B1.220819.007 for the Pixel 6a.

Android 13 QPR1 Downloads: Factory Images | OTA Files



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