Instagram Tests Two Much-Needed Ways to Better Customize Your Feed

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Cleaning up your Instagram feed can seem like a never-ending task, even if you are constantly flagging images or videos as “not interested.” All it takes is one wrong tap or curious peek and everything is a mess again. Today, Instagram announced two new ways they plan to help you better manage unwanted content. For now, though, these are rolling out as tests that could one day arrive in your feed.

The first big change will be a way to mark multiple posts as “not interested.” If you head over to the Explore tab, this new control would let you tap a filter button in the top right corner and then choose “Not interested” or “Sensitive content” before then selecting multiple images or videos that you’d like removed.

This is what that might look like:

The second test will come in the form of a word box where you can tell Instagram to stop showing posts based on certain words, phrases, emoji, or hashtags. A pop-up box will let you add these words, separated by commas.

This is how that might look:

I can’t tell you how badly I want these two features. As much as Instagram annoys the hell out of me these days with all its suggestions and Reels, I still use it regularly. But one of my least favorite things is having to individually tell the Explore tab to stop showing me what appears to be very similar photos over and over again. I’d also most definitely love to block various types of content permanently, which adding words and hashtags of could do.

We’ll let you know if this ever rolls out to everyone. Also, let us know if you get to test these.



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