First Half RootMetrics Report Points to AT&T Victory, T-Mobile With Fastest Speeds

Verizon vs ATT vs T-Mobile

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RootMetrics has published its 1H 2022 scores that try to put a numerical value on US carrier performance across various categories. It’s always been a back and forth it seems, with no one carrier ever holding onto the top position forever. This time, it appears that AT&T is on top of the mountain, but the report’s findings actually paint an optimistic picture for Verizon and T-Mobile, too.

AT&T takes the trophy in the following categories: Reliability, Speed, Data, Call, and Text. Thanks to these wins, they take the Overall crown in or eyes, even RootMetrics lists it as a tie. The Accessibility category was won by Verizon and if we’re looking at the scores closely, Big Red is right behind AT&T in most of the important categories. T-Mobile is a relatively distant third in most categories, but still scoring in the 90+ percent range in all but one category.

T-Mobile did score a W in the highest median download speed department, averaging 124.5Mbps. Verizon? They sat at 51.7Mbps and AT&T came in at 42.2Mbps. Considering we’ve been pushing this 5G thing for a while, that seems pretty abysmal.

RootMetrics’ report goes very in depth with these categories, so we recommend you give the whole thing a read. It’s quite fascinating and can help you if you’re on the fence about your current carrier. Follow the link below to check it out.

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