Google Pixel 6 Pro is $300 Off at Amazon! (Updated)

Pixel 6 Pro Deal

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We don’t know if this was a mistake or if it’ll last more than a couple of minutes, but Amazon has the Google Pixel 6 Pro at an incredible price right now. The Pixel 6 Pro in Cloudy White and with 128GB of storage, is down to $599 – a $300 discount.

For now, it’s the only color at that price, and again, we have no idea for how long. This is one of those deals you should absolutely jump on, though. The Pixel 6 Pro is a very nice phone with a top tier camera, Google’s excellent (now) software support, and our favorite Android experience.

Depending on your location, you could have the device quite soon. For me, Amazon is suggesting Prime 1-day delivery and I could have one by tomorrow…at $599.

For those still not grasping the ridiculousness of the price, understand that $599 is the price of the regular Pixel 6, without the third camera, bigger display, UWB, etc. Yes, you can get a Pixel 6 Pro for the price of a Pixel 6 at the moment.

Amazon Deal Link

  • UPDATE: If that $599 deal is gone, there’s a similar bundle that gives you a Google Fi SIM Kit and it’s $608.99. Deal Link
  • UPDATE 2: Boooooooooo! Amazon must have realized they weren’t supposed to price the Pixel 6 Pro that low.



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