Verizon Alerts Shared Data Customers of Inbound Price Hike


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By all accounts, Verizon had an amazing and extremely profitable fiscal year last year. Operating revenues were up 4.1 percent over 2020, topping off at $133.6 billion. That’s a ton of money, but sadly, and at the expense of its customers, “operating costs” have risen for the carrier, resulting in customers on Shared Data plans to pay an increased monthly price for their service starting in August. Notifications of this change are beginning to hit customer inboxes.

In an email forwarded to us, Verizon thanks the individual for being a customer, then hits them right where it hurts — the wallet.

Matthew thank you for being a Verizon customer. We are committed to bringing you the best experience on your Shared Data plan. Due to rising operational costs, you’ll see an increase of $12/mo. on your current plan, which will appear on your bill as a separate charge, no sooner than 8.2.22.

News of these price hikes began circulating earlier this month. The bottom line? Verizon is increasing its ridiculous administrative fee from $1.35 per voice line to $3.30, as well as¬†introducing a “rate plan adjustment” in customers’ next bill to account for the added cost of maintaining these legacy plans. Wireless postpaid customers on all metered Shared Data plans will be greeted by a rate plan adjustment charge of $6 per month for a single-line phone account and $12 per month for multi-line phone accounts.

They do have a way of making it seem like hard work, allowing people to keep the plan they’ve had for who knows how long.

Inflation strikes again. Or is it capitalist greed? Sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference.

Cheers Matthew!



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