Verizon’s Home Internet Options All Start at $25 Now, Including Fios

Verizon 5G Speeds

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It’s a big carrier news day today with both Verizon and T-Mobile firing off announcements. Where T-Mobile’s focus on getting you out of the house and on the road, Verizon’s big news is all about staying home. Verizon wants you to know that it has several internet options and that they all start as low as $25/mo now.

Verizon offers three different internet plans these days: 5G Home Internet, Fios, and LTE Home. If any of these are of interest or you simply need a new internet service provider, Verizon has set starting prices for each at $25/mo.

What’s the catch or requirements, because that sounds too good to be true, you ask? To get that starting price, you need to be on a “premium 5G mobile plan” and also sign-up for autopay. So yeah, you can’t be a T-Mo wireless subscriber and then expect to get a $25/mo Verizon internet plan. You’ll have to be on a 5G Do More, 5G Play More, or 5G Get More plan – the 5G Start plan is not included.

If you meet that 5G plan requirement and are curious what else you need to know, here are some bullets:

  • Verizon says there are no hidden fees, no annual contracts, and no extra charges for required equipment.
  • There aren’t supposed to be any data caps.
  • The Verizon Fios plan at $25/mo includes 300Mbps speeds.
  • The 5G Home speeds will vary depending on your location and the coverage of Verizon’s 5G network, so they won’t even post expected speeds. Not great.
  • LTE Home speeds will average between 25-50Mbps.
  • There are various freebies with each type of internet plan, from free Disney+ to free security systems and discounts on soundbars. Depending on the level of internet you choose, those perks increase.

And I think that’s mostly it. The basics here are that Verizon offers 3 different home internet plans and is trying to get you onto one of them for as low as $25/mo. There aren’t a lot of requirements other than you need to be a Verizon wireless customer on one of their better 5G plans.

To check availability, since not all plans are available to everyone, head to



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