Verizon Adds 5GB Hotspot to Cheapest Unlimited 5G Plan at No Charge

Verizon 5G

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Verizon quietly announced a welcomed-upgrade to its least expensive 5G plan today. Starting tomorrow, subscribers of the 5G Start unlimited plan will get hotspot data added to their plan at no extra charge.

On June 16, Verizon says that it will add 5GB of hotspot data to the 5G Start plan. That should mean 5GB of high-speed data before dropping off to slower speeds. Previously, the 5G Start plan was the only 5G unlimited plan from Verizon to not include any hotspot data. Other plans include anywhere from 25GB to 50GB per month.

We’ve asked Verizon if there are additional details we can share, but there was stress to the upgrade at “NO” cost. If you subscribe to the 5G Start plan, you should continue paying what you’ve been paying, only now you get data to use when your other devices need an internet connection.

The 5G Start plan starts at $70/mo for a single line and drops to as low as $30/mo per line if you have 5 or more lines.

We’ll update this post if there is anything else to share.



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