YouTubers Take Us on Tour of the Pixel 6a

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Google’s upcoming Pixel 6a is set to launch on July 28, with pre-orders scheduled for July 21. That’s a ways from now. However, thanks to YouTuber Fazli Halim, we’re getting to enjoy an early hands-on experience.

In the 11-minute long video, Halim takes us on a tour of the hardware, tests out the camera, and dives in the software. We get to see Android 12 in action, which shouldn’t look all that different from what’s on Pixel phones right now, but maybe most importantly, we get an idea for the size of this device. We have a side-by-side comparison of the 6a to the 6 Pro in this video, very helpful to anyone trying to determine if this is the Pixel they want.

Check the full video below. And if you’re reading this, Fazli, please feel free to send the 6a our way. I’d like to test out some stuff.

Again, the Pixel 6a will be available in the US starting July 28 for a price of $449.



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