Pixel Watch Sneaks Through the FCC With WiFi and LTE Models

Google Pixel Watch - on wrist

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For weeks leading up to the unveiling of the Google Pixel Watch, we¬†watched Google’s FCC filings closely for new devices that might be evidence of their first watch. Those filings never came and it appears now that that’s because the Pixel Watch wasn’t filed under Google’s FCC ID. Instead, Compal Electronics has built and submitted paperwork to get the Pixel Watch ready for launch in the US.

It’s not uncommon for a big manufacturer to make devices for companies and then submit the paperwork. Quanta is another company that has made and submitted FCC filings for Google in the past. The only interesting thing about Compal making the Pixel Watch, is that they also made an Apple Watch at some point. Does that mean Apple Watch quality? Who knows, but if it gives you warm feels in the belly thinking about the potential, I’m all for it.

The filings for the Pixel Watch showed up on May 11 (via 9to5Google) under several known Pixel Watch model numbers of GWT9R (link), GBZ4S (link), and GQF4C (link). There’s also a 4th and related model number of G943M (link) that is believed to be the charger for the watch.

We aren’t getting a ton of important information out of these filings, only that there is a Bluetooth model (GQF4C), as well as LTE models (GWT9R, GBZ4S). Model GWT9R has the most LTE bands that also happen to line-up nicely with available LTE networks in the US, so I’m going to assume it is the LTE model for here. The GBZ4S model only supports LTE bands of 5, 7, and 26.

Pixel Watch LTE Bands

For Bluetooth/WiFi model GQF4C, we’re getting 2.4GHz WiFi and Bluetooth, as well as NFC. We knew Google was going to push Google Pay on the Pixel Watch, so NFC is no surprise.

And finally, there are two noteworthy things about the G943M charger. The first is that it will plug into a power source via USB-C. That should mean that you’ll charge the watch by plugging into a computer or other power adapter you already own. The second thing is that the FCC filings suggest it can wirelessly charge up to 15W. Who knows if Google will let it, but that would be pretty quick for a smartwatch.

Pixel Watch fast charging

I’m excited.



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