Telegram Gets Paid Features in iOS Exclusive Beta

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iOS users who utilize Telegram, our go-to chat app around these parts, are spotting new paid features inside of beta version 8.7.2. As of right now, Telegram is completely free to use with no premium tier, but it looks as if that may soon change, should Telegram’s testing prove fruitful.

As for what Telegram Premium gets you, it doesn’t appear to be too much. What’s been spotted are additional quick reactions and stickers, plus what could be some sort of custom avatar creator. Users are finding access to the Premium tier by selecting these new quick reactions, which then prompts a sign up. For those not paying, they won’t see the special stickers or reactions being used by premium members. If they want to see them, they’ll need to pay up, too.

There is no information of how much Telegram Premium is costing these users, but for some reactions and stickers, I really hope it’s not too much.

I think it’s completely acceptable for Telegram to want to monetize its platform. It’s a fantastic service. However, I do hope they can find something more to offer than just stickers and reactions. I’d hate to see useful features behind a paywall, but all I’m saying is, we need more than stickers.

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