T-Mobile’s Unlimited Google Photos Add-on is Now Live

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T-Mobile announced earlier in the month that it would soon offer a Google One plan that included unlimited Google Photos storage at full resolution. The news was a bit shocking, knowing that Google stripped away this perk only a year ago. Today, that new Google One plan, which is a T-Mobile exclusive, is now available to sign-up for.

If you head into your T-Mobile account and click the “Manage Add-ons” link within your account, under the “Cloud storage & backup” section is where you will find the Google One Plans. Previously, you had choices of a 500GB or 2TB plan. As of this morning, T-Mobile has added on the 2TB + Unlimited Google Photos option.

T-Mobile Unlimited Google Photos

At $15/mo through T-Mobile, this option gets you 2TB of storage to use with your Google account for backing up Google Drive and Gmail content. You can share this 2TB with your friends and family too, up to 5 of them. As added bonuses, you get accept to Google One’s VPN service and some advanced photo editing features in Google Photos.

However, the Google Photos unlimited storage is only available to 1 linked Google Photos account, as you can see in the fine print above. In other words, you can share Google One storage with family and friends, but not all of their photos and videos in an unlimited capacity.

T-Mobile is offering this Google One 2TB + Unlimited Google Photos plan for $15/mo with the first month free (30 day free trial). Once that 30 days is up, you’ll be billed through your T-Mobile account.

To get started, simply login to your T-Mobile account.



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