US Carrier Salespeople: People Aren’t Buying the Pixel 6

Pixel 6 Pro June 2022

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Pixel 6 sales at US carrier stores are struggling, according to a recent survey of US carrier salespeople conducted by Wave7 research firm.

As detailed in the report that was distributed by PCMag, sales are so low that Google is offering “very high” kickbacks to sales staff able to sell the device. The cool kid term for this sort of incentive is “spiff,” short for Sales Performance Incentive Fund. It’s very common practice in this industry, but for the Pixel 6, incentive levels are now higher than normal. Plainly, this likely means a phone is struggling to sell and Google needs to incentivize salespeople to push the device more so than others. For example, if you go in looking for a Galaxy phone, you may be asked to consider the Pixel 6.

In the report, it notes that there is hardly any interest at all in the Pixel 6 outside of Verizon. Surveyed people speculate that this could be due to reported bugs and performance issues, leaving the Pixel 6 desirable to only “diehard” Pixel fans.

If you’re Google, this sucks. If you’re a Pixel fan, this should sting a bit. The Pixel 6’s issues are pretty well documented, though, there are plenty of people who say they haven’t had any issues at all. We’ve discussed it quite a bit. At the end of the day, the numbers do not lie. If it was a popular phone, it would sell. We’re hoping Google finds a better stride with the upcoming Pixel 6a and potential Pixel 7 lineup.

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