Telegram Update Adds Custom Notification Sounds, So Much More

Telegram Update, New Features

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Telegram picked up yet another update over the weekend, this time with another half dozen or more new features and improvements. It’s an always-improving world on what we consider to be the best messaging app on the planet.

The headline feature for this update has to be the custom notification sounds that are now allowed. You can basically set any sound to be your notification sound in Telegram. You can choose from system sounds or grab audio files or voice messages from chat to save and set those. I’m sure your brain is already cooking up the obnoxious sounds you can find on the internet to use, so go nuts, friend.

For now, Telegram’s audio notifications are limited to under 5 seconds and up to 300KB in size. They are cross-platform, though, so everyone can enjoy them.

Telegram Custom Audio

The other new additions or improvements to Telegram are as follows:

  • Improved picture-in-picture: On Android, picture-in-picture has an improved player window that you can pinch to change size, tap an X to close, and view with more rounded corners.
  • Custom mute durations: Want to mute chats? Previously, you could mute up to 2 days, but now you can set a specific duration for almost as long or short as you want.
  • New Auto-delete menu: Want to have parts of your conversations auto-delete to clear up long talks or add some privacy? You can set auto-delete actions with fewer taps and also with more flexible timers.
  • Forwarded messages like replies: If you forward messages from one conversation to another, they now show up like replies do.
  • More animated emoji: Another batch of animated emoji have been added, most of which you can see in that top image.

This new update rolled out yesterday (4/17) to all platforms, so you likely already have it. You should have also received a message from Telegram explaining this stuff to you. Apologies for the double-info-share, but we like talking about Telegram.

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