Dream by WOMBO Lets You Make Your Own Awesome Wallpapers Using AI

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Making the rounds on Google Play this morning, I stumbled upon Dream by WOMBO, an app that uses artificial intelligence to produce art based on keywords and images you provide. You can then use this art as your wallpaper, publish it to the platform for sharing with others, and even buy prints of the art for your home. The future is a total trip, folks.

This app is by no means new. It has nearly 200,000 reviews on Google Play, currently sitting at 4.8 stars out of 5. That’s pretty damn good, and after using the app for all of 10 minutes and being inspired to write this post, I can confirm it’s legit. To get started, you’ll choose keywords to base your art on. As examples, I used guitar, fire, gold, hell, pentagram, computer, and rainbow for a few. Looking at my header image above, I bet you can tell which pieces were based on those specific keywords. Once you have keywords decided on, you can choose an art style, with 18 styles available. You can also choose no style.

I have yet to find any negatives, as there are no ads and no in-app purchases from what I can tell. The only issue I can find is that when it comes to uploading your own photos, you can’t choose any specific folder — the photo will need to come direct from your camera roll.

Give it a go and please feel free to share your best creations with us. I’m always up for some sweet new wallpapers!

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