Did Your Galaxy S22 Pre-Order Arrive? Share Your Thoughts!

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With it being Galaxy S22 day, and Samsung saying that it’s new devices saw more pre-orders than any other Samsung smartphone to date(!), it’s a safe bet that we have many readers who are rocking a new phone this week.

If that’s the case, we’d love to hear your initial thoughts and impressions. Which phone did you buy? What phone did you switch from? How are you liking the new device? What goodies did you get with your pre-order? Did you not order the phone because you’re a Pixel fanboy? We want to know everything.

Personally, I’m still waiting on my Galaxy S22 Ultra in Red to show up. I hate that those Samsung exclusive colors ship later than the regular colors. Lame sauce. I may ultimately return the S22 Ultra and go with an S22+. We’ll see. Maybe the S Pen will grow on me? Doubtful.

Shoot your hot takes below.



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