Here’s the Trick to Save a Sneaky Extra $50 on Your Galaxy S22 Ultra Order

Galaxy S22 Ultra

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Alright, this is the sneakiest of tips for getting you the best price on the Galaxy S22, S22+, or Galaxy S22 Ultra. Assuming Samsung doesn’t close this fun little trick here shortly, after you all take advantage of it, you could save an extra $50 on your order.

You’ve already pre-ordered, right (pre-order here)? You got up to $700 off your Galaxy S22 Ultra when you traded a Galaxy S21 Ultra, or absolutely hosed on your Galaxy S22 by trading in a Galaxy S21, like me. The instant discount was applied and you then spent your instant credits on accessories. Life is great. Your new phone should be here in a couple of weeks.

Guess what? You can save up to another $50 off by clicking a couple of buttons. All you have to do is act like you are cancelling your order and Samsung will give you more money off if you don’t cancel. That might be confusing, so hear me out.

Once your Galaxy S22 pre-order has been placed and you get the confirmation “order received” email, there will be a button to “Manage Order.” Click that button to look at your pre-order situation on Samsung’s site. You should see your order and a big “Cancel Item” button.

If you click “Cancel Item,” Samsung should then prompt you with a confirmation that you’d like to cancel, along with an additional offer of 5% off. The maximum amount is $50 off, so depending on the device you picked and your total price, this could vary.

Here is what that offer looks like:

Galaxy S22 Cancel Money

Once you “accept the offer,” you should see a refund amount attached to your order for that 5% off. My Galaxy S22 order, since it was only $409 after trade-in, picked up a $20.50 refund. Depending on your trade situation, you could see that full $50 back.

Galaxy S22 Cancel Money

After finishing that process, Samsung will send you an email to confirm the extra 5% off, with updated details about your order:

However, since it’s launch day, Samsung’s site is now struggling to run, carts are crashing, and the checkout process is not having its best moment. So, you may not want to dive right in with a confirmed order and try to walk through this process. You may want to wait a bit until things stabilize.

Also, both Tim and I were able to get extra cash off by doing this trick the first time we tried it. He then tried it a 2nd time and it just straight up cancelled his order without the offer. Attempt at your own risk, and again, once Samsung’s store isn’t struggling.

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