Telegram Adds Video Stickers, New Reactions, and Crushes Bugs

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Telegram is pushing a new update out to users, available on all of its supported platforms. This is always great news, as Telegram has been the exclusive messaging platform for us here at Droid Life for a while now. I even got my whole family using it after dragging them off of Hangouts/Chat not too long ago.

So, what’s new in Telegram? I’m glad you asked. Let’s take a gander.

Video Stickers

Video Stickers are made from regular videos, allowing anyone to easily create animated stickers via a video editing program. Telegram has gone ahead and created a handy dandy tutorial to do just that. Once you have your video sticker, you can use the existing Stickers bot to upload your creation to the service.

New Reactions

Telegram has also added new reactions — šŸ„°šŸ¤ÆšŸ¤”šŸ¤¬šŸ‘.

These new reactions should help you get your various points across without having to actually type something. Additionally, it’s noted that reactions now have more compact animations. If you wish to send a larger effect, you can press and hold on a reaction in the menu.

As a cherry on top, Telegram notes that developers spent multiple weeks solely working to crush bugs on various platforms. Detailed in the company’s blog post, “Among other things, they improvedĀ call quality, added support forĀ translationĀ toĀ Instant ViewĀ pages (andĀ biosĀ on iOS), added the option to sendĀ silent messages from theĀ sharing menuĀ ā€“ and dozens of other improvements.”

Go snag that update, y’all!

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