Android 13 To Get Refreshed Wallpaper Color Themes To Pick From

Android 13

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One of the standout features introduced as a part of Android 12 is without a doubt the wallpaper-based themes it pushes, especially for those of us into personalization. While a set of colors that flood your system based on your wallpaper doesn’t necessarily change the way your phone works, it really adds a nice touch of customization to your phone, making it very much yours and not whatever a Google or Samsung engineer decided.

For Android 13, Google is apparently working to refresh that system some with the introduction of four new styles. The new styles are being referred to as TONAL_SPOT, VIBRANT, EXPRESSIVE, and SPRITZ, according to Android Police, and will offer very different vibes.

In that order, they are being described as a theme similar to the current wallpaper theming you know from Android 12 to one with a change in accents to one that might get wilder in colors to a more muted, even desaturated look. I’m all for their being bigger differences between each theme, as the current Android 12 setup offers only subtle, all-very-vibrant takes, depending on your wallpaper.

Android 13 Monet

The above image is from a Pixel 6 Pro running Android 12 is in only an example of the current wallpaper-based theming we have. For Android 13, we don’t know if Google is changing that settings page or not, where you pick a theme, but it should look similar.

Android 13’s first developer preview could be here within a month or so if you can believe that.



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