Telegram Adds Message Reactions, Stops Your Buddy From Spoiling Spider-Man

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2021 is coming to a close and Telegram has delivered another solid update with new features that continue to further its lead as the best messaging app on the market. After grabbing the latest build, which is live for all, you’ll be able to react to messages like iOS peeps, hide spoilers in conversations, translate messages in other languages, and play with more interactive emoji.

Here’s a breakdown of the new features to play with on this last day of the year:

  • Reactions: To react to a message with an animated emoji, you can double tap to quickly give it a thumbs up or tap to bring up a menu with several different emoji options. You can customize the double-tap emoji choice in Telegram  “Chat Settings” to something other than the thumbs up, as well. For private conversations, reactions are available by default, but in groups or channels, the owner of the group can decide which reactions to make available.
  • Spoilers: Having a conversation about a show or movie that might contain a spoiler? When typing out your message that may contain a spoiler, you can highlight the text and then choose “Spoiler” from the cut/copy menu to hide that text. People can then tap the message to reveal it. What a nifty feature.
  • Message translations: If you are having a conversation or are in a public group that contains multiple languages you aren’t familiar with, you can now translate them. If someone sends a message that needs translating, you can tap the message and then choose the “Translate” option to do so. To enable that translate option, simply head into Telegram settings and then Language.
  • New interactive emoji: Telegram added 🔥 😁 🤩 😢 😭 😱 ❄️ to their list of interactive emoji you can have fun with.
  • Also: Telegram added themed QR codes and there is a new menu system for the MacOS app.

Google Play Link: Telegram

Again, because Telegram is awesome, this update is available everywhere right now. No stupid slow rollouts can be found.

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