New APK Brings ‘Pro Mode’ to Your Galaxy S21 Ultra’s Telephoto Lenses

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Released officially in South Korea, but sideloadable by Galaxy S21 Ultra owners in the US already running Android 12, a new app is available that allows you to take complete control over all of the cameras on the backside of your device. Currently, Samsung only allows for Pro Mode to be utilized by the wide and ultra-wide cameras on the Galaxy S21 Ultra. With this app, you’ll be able to access Pro Mode with the telephoto shooter as well, opening up plenty of possibilities to those who are more skilled with a camera than I am.

Below you can see all of the sweet new features for your phone, but the highlights include shutter speed controls, manual focus for those lenses, HDR, and plenty else.

What the App Offers

  • Linear DNG 16bit raw
  • Lossless JPEG
  • HDR
  • Professional mode functions such as ISO, Shutter-Speed, EV, Manual Focus, White Balance, Histogram, etc.
  • UW, Wide, Tele(3x), Tele(10x) lens support

For those of us in the US, the app will need to be sideloaded, as it hasn’t yet been made available through Samsung’s app store. No worries, sideloading is easy enough. Simply follow the link below, download the APK, click on the file, then install it to your phone. If your phone says you need to allow for APK installs from places other than Google Play, go ahead and allow it. You can then change that setting back if you like to be safe.

Go have some fun, S21 Ultra owners!

Download APK Here

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