Google Addresses Pixel 6 Pro’s Weird Power Button Light Flickering, Will Fix Soon

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When Pixel 6 launch day arrived last week, I joked that it was also the official launch party for those who receive their devices and take to reddit to pick apart Google’s newest phones, pointing out any tiny, little obscure issue that others can then spend a day reproducing on their own before preparing lawsuit paperwork for. The first of such was the oddest of issues that involved the display and power button when a Pixel 6 Pro was powered off.

Users noticed that if you fully powered down a Pixel 6 Pro and then briefly pressed the power button (without turning the phone back on), that a shooting light or flickering would happen. This alarmed folks, who assumed there was a hardware defect and that this was the beginning of the end for Google’s new phones. Drama aside, Google has now acknowledged the issue and claims it is no big deal.

In a community forum post, Google explains that this is a “residual light” bug. To avoid seeing it, they simply ask that you stop weirdly powering your phone off and briefly tapping the f*cking power button. If you want to actually use your phone, just long press power to turn it on like a normal person.

They suggest “this does not represent an issue with the phone hardware” and that a December software update will fix it.



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