T-Mobile Will Spend $1,000 to Get You to Switch From Verizon or AT&T

Pixel 6 Pro v iPhone 13 Pro

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Starting tomorrow, T-Mobile is going to make an offer that will be easy to consider if you are currently a customer of Verizon or AT&T and wouldn’t mind making the move over to the “Uncarrier.” A new promotion will get you enough money to payoff your current phone in order to get you on their network and using all of the 5G they claim to have.

The promo seems pretty simple at first glance. All you have to do is make sure your current phone is eligible and will work on T-Mobile’s network (it likely will work just fine), then take a screenshot of your current device payment plan balance or last bill, and then T-Mobile will issue you up to $1,000 via virtual prepaid card (received in up to 15 days) to turn around and pay it off with your old carrier.

Got a whole family you’d like to bring over to T-Mobile? The promo actually covers “$1,000 for each of up to five devices,” so bring everyone over and get those phone bills wiped away.

The fine print suggests that the phones you plan to bring over will need to be unlocked and that T-Mobile can help you with that or at least tell you how to do it. They may also require some proof that you have been with your previous carrier for at least 90 days and that you are in good standing with them.

Which devices are eligible? Again, the chances of you having one that’ll work on T-Mobile are pretty high. In the current promo from T-Mobile, where they are offering $800 for switching over, they list out phones like the iPhone 12 Pro down to the iPhone 6s, Pixel 4 to Pixel 2, and Galaxy S20 and Note 20 down to the Galaxy S8. I’d imagine they’ll take care of the newer wave of phones from this year too, but we’ll have to confirm that when the promo goes live on October 22.

Start the switch to T-Mobile here.



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