Telegram Adds Better Read Receipts, Individual Themes, More

Telegram Update Android

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Telegram received an update today to v8.0.1 and the new build brought at least four new features with it, because that’s the story with Telegram – regular updates that always improve the experience.

In this new update, which you should have already received, Telegram is getting individual chat themes, interactive emoji, read receipts for your group chats, and an option to record live streams and video chats.

Telegram Big Update

Once you have the update, you’ll be able to change themes per conversation by tapping the 3-dot menu, then “Change Colors.” You should find 8 new themes with colorful gradients, as well as dark and light modes. Telegram says to expect a whole bunch more of these individual themes in the future.

For interactive emoji, you’ll find a handful of emoji that animate should you tap on them. Currently, using 🎆 🎉 🎈 👍 💩 or ❤️ will bring on animations, and the people in your conversations will see them animate as you tap on them, assuming they are on the latest version of Telegram. Like individual themes, more emoji will be added shortly.

In the read receipts department, Telegram will now show you specifically which members of a group chat have read your messages. Once a message is sent and you see the ✓✓, you can tap on that message and then a “Seen” dialog where each person that’s read it is listed.

Finally, for those into live streams and chats, admins will be able to record streams and then publish them. To record, tap the 3-dot menu in the stream or chat, then “Start recording.

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