Nest Outage Takes Out Most Services (Updated)

Nest Thermostat

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Yep, there is a Nest outage going on and it affects a lot of their products and services.

At the time of this post, logins, setup & pairing, Nest Apps, the Nest Thermostat, Nest Protect, and Nest Cam live video and history, are all listed as being down. Nest says they are investigating.

I checked some of my own Nest products and they seem to be up and running. The reader that tipped us to the outage says that their services have returned as well. This may have been a temporary outage, but if you are noticing any hiccups still, this would be why.

Nest Outage

We’ll update this post as things come back online.

  • UPDATE 2:03PM: At least one issue has been identified and Nest is marking most as “partial outage” at this point. We should be good here soon, folks.
  • UPDATE 2:48PM: Nest says all systems are now “OK.”



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