Now It’s Easy to See ‘What’s New’ on Spotify

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Spotify announced this morning a new way to discover the latest releases on the streaming service. Soon, you’ll notice a fancy new bell icon in the top right of the Spotify home page. When tapped, that bell will take you to the all-new What’s New feed, featuring all of the latest releases from artists and podcasts you follow. With this, there’s no chance you’ll miss anything from your favey-fave artists.

Spotify notes that should your What’s New feed look a bit dull in the beginning, all you’ll need to do is head to artist pages and starting following them. Once you start following more artists and podcasts, your What’s New feed will certainly start filling up. Additionally, this feed updates in real-time, meaning if things are timed properly, you can be one of the first Spotify users to listen to newly released tracks.

What’s New is headed out to both Android and iOS in the coming weeks. Be on the lookout!

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