Google’s “Delete Last 15 Min” in Search Starts Its Rollout

Google Delete Last 15 Minutes

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When you search for something on Google, there is a good chance that inquiry will be used to shape your online profile, as it could also live in your search history for any number of days or weeks or months. Depending on what you just searched for, you may not want that. Starting today (on iOS), Google is adding a “Delete last 15 min” option to the Google app to help you wipe out anything that happened over the previous 15 minutes.

This feature was announced in May at Google I/O, but at the time Google didn’t want to put an arrival date on it. To start, it’s available immediately to iOS devices with Android seeing it “later this year.”

Once available – and we’ll tell you when it hits Android – you’ll find it by opening up the Google app, tapping on your profile photo, and then looking for the “Delete last 15 min” option. You can see how it looks on iOS in the image above, but it should be similar on Android.

This is a wonderful little feature. Not that I search for a ton of awkward items that would embarrass me, it’s just that we all do random searches here and there. To go back through and individually delete them all is kind of a pain.

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