Google Workspace Accounts Get Google Assistant Access on Displays and Speakers

Google Assistant Workspace-2

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Having a Google Workspace account, where you get that sweet custom domain email address to look all official in your Google apps, has always had one big drawback. Often, whenever new features are released by Google to its various services, Workspace (formerly GSuite) accounts tend to be left out and aren’t given immediate access. That’s finally beginning to change for those who want access to Google’s famous Assistant.

Today, Google announced that Workspace accounts can now access Google Assistant on smart displays and speakers. This is a huge change for Workspace users, who can now attach their Workspace account to a Nest Hub or Nest Audio and get voice results from Assistant for next meetings, checking on and setting Calendars, emailing contacts, etc.

The feature is generally available to all Workspace accounts at this time, but an admin for your account will have to turn it on. It’s pretty simple to do, and only requires the admin to enter the “Search and Assistant” settings area to then turn the option to “ON” for the domain.

This same functionality was previously announced in March for Google Assistant on phones, but Google is now opening up support for smart displays and speakers.

To get started, talk to your admin or if you know they’ve already enabled it, head over to Google Assistant.



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