Samsung Preowned Devices are Now ‘Re-Newed’ Devices

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Samsung announced a rebranding for its range of certified pre-owned devices this week, changing the name to Re-Newed devices. My thoughts? That’s not even a word, Samsung. Renewed is, yes, but re-newed is not. Meh.

So what is Re-Newed, you may ask? It’s the same thing as their CPO, but with a new name.

Samsung Certified Re-Newed smartphones are thoroughly inspected and updated to like-new condition in a Samsung factory with certified Samsung parts and a new battery. Each smartphone in the program comes with a one-year warranty, offering consumers peace of mind that their device is protected.

Honestly, who cares about the name? Most important are the prices. When you shop Re-Newed, there are insane deals to be had. For example, a Galaxy S20 for only $250 and Galaxy S20 Ultra is just $550. Those prices are fantastic for devices that come with a warranty and are still top of the line phones.

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