Rec Room Arrives on Android Later This Year

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I feel so out of touch, growing more removed from what’s trending among the masses as I continue to age towards my inevitable death. Because of this, I have no idea what Rec Room is, but it’s coming to Android later this year in the fall and it’s apparently a big deal. I’m sorry, Rec Room!

Having now Googled it, Rec Room is a social VR platform, loved by many and rated extremely high on every single platform besides Android. It’s literally available for everything but us pleb Android folk. No wonder I’ve never known about it. Android is terribly difficult to develop for from what I hear, you know, with all of its fragmentation and different screen sizes. Insert the biggest eye roll emoji you’ve ever seen right here.

Anyway, I should talk about what you do in Rec Room. In the app, you can play games with friends or simply hang out in a virtual space. You can play with a VR headset if you choose, and if you’re feeling spicy, you can create your own content and apparently make good money doing so.

Rec Room launches for Android this fall, but you can pre-register for it right now. We’ll let you know as soon as it’s live, because I’ll be the first to download it. I do hope its popularity doesn’t die down as soon as Android users show up and ruin everything. We have a tendency to do that. We did it with Instagram. We did it with those trivia apps, remember those? Yay, Android!

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