Spotify Launches Greenroom, Looks About as Boring as Clubhouse

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Because I’m getting old and crusty, maybe I just don’t get it, but apps like Clubhouse do not interest me. What are people talking about that’s so intriguing? There’s no way anything out there is as fun to listen to as the Droid Life Show, so if you really need something to listen to, go enjoy that. With that said, Spotify launched its Clubhouse competitor this morning, called Greenroom.

If you have no idea what I’m going on about, you’re the lucky one. Clubhouse, and now Greenroom (and other apps from other major companies trying to repeat what Clubhouse has already done), allow like-minded people to get into a literal echo chamber and share the same thoughts and ideas. Being a bit less obtuse, some folks may appreciate the idea of entering a room based on a hobby or topic of interest to them, with these platforms allowing you to quickly become a part of a larger community. In terms of knowledge sharing, it’s a great thing and I’m simply out here talking nonsense.

Spotify, funny enough, says that it’s “constantly iterating and innovating the future formats of audio,” in its blog post announcing Greenroom. When you’re releasing a copy cat product, it’s gotta be hard to write anything that has to do with innovation without cracking up a bit. It’s too blatant, Spotify. Instead of this, why not adjust queues and add track play counts or something that actually improves my user experience? I swear, since Google Play Music died, I’ve never felt more upset about the current state of music apps. I’m honestly depressed.

Anyway, go check out Greenroom. Or don’t. I doubt you will.

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