Google Perfectly Measures Grave Using AR, Tosses ‘Measure’ App Inside

Measure App

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I feel like there is a lot of fun to be had for a headline on a post like this, and when you have so many ideas, you’re never sure if you’re using the right one. Regardless, if you can’t tell from my somewhat morbid headline, Google has killed Measure, its AR-powered measuring app first introduced for all supported devices only a few years ago.

I’m assuming the app wasn’t used by many people, even though I can see how it could be very useful from time to time. Regardless, it wasn’t rated very well in Google Play (2.9 star rating), so now it’s “adios” to the app.

Feel free to toss your funny headline ideas for this post down in the comments. Also, if you have previously installed the app, you can access and lay flowers on the app’s landing page right here.



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