OnePlus: Let’s Try That Android 12 Beta Again, Shall We?

OnePlus 9 Pro Pine Green

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OnePlus has a new Android 12 beta build for OnePlus 9 and OnePlus 9 Pro owners, with the hope being that this build won’t brick a bunch of phones. Oops. As we all know, flashing these builds is done so with plenty of risk and OnePlus makes that very clear on their forums. If you aren’t a developer, you should probably stay away from OnePlus’ Android 12 beta.

This time around, OnePlus says that this release is only available after “careful testing and verification.” You see, a Factory Reset Protection (FRP) check was the cause of the last beta build’s issues, and this time around, OnePlus has issued a hotfix to correct that problem.

Below, you’ll see a list of known issues and things to be aware of. For example, all your phone’s data will be wiped. If you try to use the camera’s HDR mode, it’ll likely crash. Want to use the fingerprint reader? Nope, it’s busted.

Things to Know

  • All data will be cleared while flashing the build
  • Video call function is not available
  • Fingerprint unlock and face unlock are unavailable
  • Certain UI screens look less than desirable
  • Some apps may not function as expected
  • System stability issues
  • Probability of camera crash when HDR mode enabled.

Proceed at your own risk.

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