Fancy New Philips Hue App Version 4.0 is Rolling Out

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Philips Hue users, big news for you today. The developers behind the Philips Hue app are pushing version 4.0 out to iOS and Android users this week, complete with all sorts of new goodies.

According to the Hue blog, users can look forward to an updated look and feel for the app, complete with faster performance and “sleeker feel.” While UI tweaks are always nice, it’s features that we’re most concerned with. As detailed, the biggest change is how Home/Away automation is controlled. Now, your Hue system will be more intelligent for when someone is still home. For example, if the head of the home left, lights could automatically turn off, not knowing that other folks are still home. Now everyone in the house can trigger the home/away status, meaning members of your home won’t have the lights go out on them when you leave the house.

The changelog also notes that users with more than one Hue Bridge will be able to easily switch between Bridges, making that whole process much smoother. In addition, an Automations tab has replaced Routines, “offering more flexibility in customizing the way you use your lights.”

There also appears to be an updated room layout view. With the update, it looks like you can create a 3D model of your room, making light placement look a bit more fancy. With this, you can really pinpoint where your lights are living.

I’ll be diving into this and can report back if anyone is interested. I love me some Hue lights, but damn, they’re expensive.

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