There’s a New 5G Report Card, Each US Carrier Gets a Trophy

Verizon 5G Coverage

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There’s a new 5G report card from RootMetrics this week, with the data-minded folks accumulating speed and reliability numbers from across the country, then compiling them into multiple easily digestible graphs. If you’re shopping for a carrier and want to have the best 5G experience, these are the types of reports that can help sway your buying decision, which is why you’ll see studies such as this quoted in TV commercials and everywhere else.

Let’s take a peak at the nationwide results, shall we?

In the 65 markets that were tested, there’s one key takeaway: not one carrier runs away with the 5G crown across the country. As noted, when it comes to 5G availability, T-Mobile takes the cake. When network reliability is measured, Verizon wins. Following up is AT&T, who wins the download speeds category. Yay, each carrier gets a trophy, so congrats to all three, I guess.

Of those three categories, it’s shown by RootMetrics in which cities you’ll have the best experience for each carrier. For example, if having 5G on your phone is most important, you should be my neighbor and move to Portland, OR. Should you do that, make sure to be an AT&T customer, as the carrier scored a 92% in 5G availability. If you want fast speeds, you’ll want to be a Verizon customer who lives in Lansing, MI. The median 5G-only speed there registered at 114.2Mbps.

You can view the handy dandy graphs below. They show the actual market numbers that led to the category wins.

If you love reading this sort of stuff, you can check out the full report by following the link below.

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