Google Photos Brings the Share Tab Back

Google Photos

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Google Photos is one of the greatest app creations of all time. It impresses me in some way almost every day, whether that’s through a weird search that finds exactly what I wanted, the surfacing of memories at just the right time, its organization skills, or the way it allows people to easily share photos with each other. But it has issues, particularly with its current layout that semi-buried all of the sharing experience into a tiny speech bubble in the top left corner.

Google is fixing that! In a community post this week, Google says that it is moving the Sharing tab to the bottom navigation bar to make it easy to view and manage all of your shared content. Since that chat bubble shortcut never made much sense, I can tell you that I absolutely love this change.

In addition to that move, the Google Photos print store is going to take up that top left corner spot previously occupied by the share area. Google thinks this will make it easier for you to print stuff, but we’re really thinking it’ll just be easier to ignore all of the times they suggest you print photos. And yes, that means the print store is leaving the Library tab.

I see nothing but wins here.



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