The Pixel Buds are Still $50 Off, Friends

Pixel Buds

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The Google Pixel Buds A might be around the corner and so Google is continuing to run with its $50-off deal on the current Pixel Buds (2nd Gen). I know that many of you won’t touch these and the reviews over time have not gotten better, but I still kind of like them! Not that you should take my word for anything.

Let me explain that. The Pixel Buds are still my favorite fitting earbuds available. There is a level of comfort here that I haven’t found in any other earbud and that includes the Galaxy Buds Pro and Jabra Elite series. While those all sound a touch better, you have got to be able to wear your buds for a while, right?

The Pixel Buds also have the best touch controls in the game, a clean design that don’t make it look like you have large black turds popping out of each ear at all times, and the case is nice. They do sound pretty good too.

Of course, there are the connectivity issues that people (I think) still suffer from. My experience with cutouts has been pretty minimal, but that’s because I mostly leave my phone sitting on a desk or table while using the Buds vs. carrying my phone in pocket. That seems to be a lot of the issue. So if you fall into my category of use, consider this deal. If you carry your phone in pocket all of the time, ehhhhhh, it could be rough.

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