Nest Audio Beats Sound Better When $20 Off

Nest Audio

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The Nest Audio, the best Google smart speaker you can buy at the moment,  is $20 off everywhere. Instead of paying $100 for one, you can pay $79.99!

We’ve reviewed the newest Google speakers and generally liked them. The Nest Audio sounds great, which is most important, but it also comes in a bunch of fun colors and the weirdest shape, plus it has solid software controls through the Google Home app. We really don’t have many complaints, unless you are Tim who found the most random Bluetooth record player on the planet that wouldn’t work with them. If that’s not you, then Nest Audio is a win!

One could argue that at full price ($99.99), this is a great speaker for the money. At a discount, though? Come on, man, you have got to go for it if you don’t already own far too many Google smart speakers (like I do).

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