Galaxy SmartTag+ Uses AR to Find Your Lost Stuff, Launches April 16

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Samsung detailed the Galaxy SmartTag+ launch this morning, placing a date of April 16 on it. We actually spotted this device earlier in the month, and from a B&H listing, we initially thought the launch would be April 12. We got the price right, though.

From what Samsung says, this thing has been tricked out like crazy, offering the ability to locate items using augmented reality (AR), plus providing remote control capabilities after simple programming.

Using a mixture of Bluetooth LE and an ultra wideband (UWB) technology, an AR Finder tool can use your smartphone’s camera to pinpoint exactly where your lost item is, so long as the SmartTag+ is attached to it. This couples with offline detection, which allows you to locate tags on a map, even if your tag is “far away.”

Samsung also baked a remote control into the little tag, allowing users to program a click and hold function for controlling things like a lightbulb in your home. As Samsung details, “Forgot to turn off your bedside lamp but you’ve already left the house? Rather than running back home, you can use your SmartTag+ or SmartTag to turn off the light remotely. Through the SmartThings app, you can choose different functions you would like your tag to complete when you press or hold down the tag button.”

Again, SmartTag+ launches April 16 for the price of $39.99.

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