Google Launches ‘Best Things’ Shopping Site for Finding Most Popular Products

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Right in time to blow that third round of stimulus money, Google has launched a new Google Shopping microsite called Best Things, which gathers the 1,000 most popular products from across the web onto a really poorly designed webpage that’s not fun to navigate. If you think I’m kidding, go on your phone and try it yourself. It’s not something you’ll want to spend an extended period of time using.

When booted up on your phone, it’s a tile aesthetic, allowing you to scroll endlessly through products. At the top, you can adjust the category of items you’re looking for. Once you find something you like, you’re given options and then provided links to do your shopping. It’s fine, but I don’t see why anyone would aimlessly wonder this page instead of already knowing what they need and going directly to where it’s sold. This doesn’t seem convenient at all.

If you need to buy something right now, go try it out on your mobile device.

Google’s Best Things

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