Galaxy S21+ Drops to $99.99 in Best Deal Yet ($900 Off)

Samsung Galaxy S21

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We now believe that Samsung is selling loads and loads of its Galaxy S21 phones in the US. I made the argument earlier that this is in large part due to timing compared to last year’s Galaxy S20, but you also have to credit all of the never-ending deals Samsung continues to run. For example, not only is Samsung still slashing $700 off if you trade-in a phone, they are now adding additional discounts on top of that.

Today, you can grab a Galaxy S21+ for the price of a Galaxy S21, thanks to a $200 discount that brings its price from $999 down to $799. That discount can then be combined with the $700-off trade-in promo, so we are talking about a Galaxy S21+ for just $99.99. They are giving away the Galaxy S21 line, folks.

If you want to take advantage of this limited time deal, you’ll get $200 off the Galaxy S21+ without doing a thing. That discount is a part of Samsung’s Discover Spring Event. However, to get the max discount, you have to trade-in.

Now, we’ve talked about Samsung’s instant trade-in program for a while where they give you the value of your device as a discount today, right when you buy your Galaxy S21+. It’s the best deal in smartphones. The only thing to remember is that you have to trade in a Galaxy S20 or Note 20 to get $700 off. If you don’t, they’ll still give you $550 off for Note 10 and S10 devices too, plus Apple phones will fetch a pretty penny.

Get yourself a Galaxy S21+ for $100.



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