Google’s New Pixel 5 “How To Mindfully Switch” Video is…It’s the Best

Google Pixel Mindfully Switch

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Google posted a video today called “How to mindfully switch to the New Google Pixel,” and friends, it is must see. Think of it as a zen-like walkthrough of a phone transfer that tries to take the pain out of switching to a new device like the Pixel 5. Except, well, you just need to watch it.

There a lot of gems in this clip, like “Why is this video so long?” and “I like to turn my Pixel on using telekinesis, but when you did it, you probably held down the button on the right hand side.” The self-talk portion about the jackhammer outside because it’s Monday is also quite good.

Since this video is almost 5 minutes long, you won’t see this one on TV. That’s too bad, because I’d run out a buy a Pixel 5 today if a company sold me like this.



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