Verizon Fires Up Fast 5G in Seattle, Sacramento, Pensacola

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Verizon expanded their list of 5G Ultra Wideband cities today by adding Seattle, Sacramento, and Pensacola. These cities bring Verizon’s total to 67 that can access this super-fast network technology.

As is always the case with 5G Ultra Wideband (5G mmW) activation in a new city, we have to remind you that while this might be the super fast 5G it’s also the hardest to find and secure a good connection to. 5G mmW is only in parts of the cities above and typically requires that you be outside in close proximity to a 5G tower in order to get the best experience.

For an example of what I’m talking about, here is the patchy availability you would find in parts of Seattle right now (the dark red is 5G UWB):

Should you find a connection in parts of these cities, you could see downloads speeds well over 1Gbps. At times, Verizon 5G Ultra Wideband is much faster than your home internet connection.

Oh, let’s not forget that you need a supported phone too.

Enjoy the speeds, friends.

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