Old Google Pay App, Website Become Useless on April 5

New Google Pay Logo

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Say goodbye to the once amazing Google Pay app and website. Google has detailed this week that both will become unusable on April 5, with everything switching over to the new Google Pay app.

Here’s exactly what happens on April 5.

Starting on April 5th, the following features will no longer be available from the old app and at pay.google.com:

  • Ability to send, request or receive money
  • View of your recent activity or transaction history
  • Access to or transfer of any remaining balance. You can still transfer your balance any time by using the new Google Pay app or through customer support.

There you have it. On April 5, the old Google Pay app and website becomes useless. That sucks, especially for people like me who have been using a G Suite account, as the new Google Pay app doesn’t support that. Lame, lame, lame.

Mark your calendars, folks.



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