OPPO’s Wireless Air Charging is Futuristic Magic

OPPO Wireless Air Charging

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Wireless charging has always been both convenient and a limited use technology. It’s convenient because you can simply set your phone on a surface and it’ll charge without a wire attached, but it’s limited in the sense that using your device while it charges is pretty difficult. The minute you pick up your phone from its charging pad, it stops charging.

OPPO is showing off its new Wireless Air Charging technology this year as a solution to that problem. As a feature on their rollable concept phone, OPPO shows an idea for Wireless Air Charging where you can hold the device about 10cm off a charging mat and have it still sip 7.5W of power.

Is that anymore convenient than normal wireless charging? Well, it’s a start at least. With this idea, you could at least hold your phone and use it, possibly even resting your hands on a mat that’ll keep charging it through the air. That’s better than setting it on a mat or charging stand and attempting to navigate a phone experience by finger.

Since this is a technology in a concept phone, don’t expect it to be here any time soon. Let’s hope this is a start to a bigger breakthrough.




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