VIDEO: 30+ Galaxy S21 Ultra Tips and Tricks!

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Below you’ll find our Tips & Tricks video for the Galaxy S21 Ultra, which means our full review is right around the corner. You can expect it in the mid part of next week. How exciting! In the meantime, this nearly hour-long video should keep you busy, as I dive deep into the Galaxy S21 Ultra and uncover all of its features.

There are a few things from Android 11 that I go over, as well as things tied directly to One UI 3.1, but if you have owned a Samsung device before, a lot of this will sound familiar. I go over tweaking your audio settings, customizing your home screen, mastering the camera UI, plus many other things. Seriously, it’s a long video and I cover a ton of stuff. Grab some popcorn and enjoy yourself!

Full review coming up next.

Galaxy S21 Ultra Tips & Tricks!



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