Galaxy S21: First 10 Things to Do!

Galaxy S21 First 10 Things

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It has certainly been a minute since we’ve made device-related videos, but with the Galaxy S21 and Galaxy S21 Ultra finally in house, we get to do just that. Tim has already unboxed the Galaxy S21 Ultra, leaving me with the “First 10 Things” duties. Ahhh, fresh videos.

In this lengthy video, you get what you always get from our “First 10 Things” series. We walk through a series of features and settings, with long explanations over why you would want to tweak them right out of the box. In most situations, these are the settings you can adjust once and never have to touch again as they set you on your way to smartphone domination.

The topics here include Android’s navigation gestures, all of your security and lockscreen settings, the best display setup, getting your camera and its many modes ready, finding the perfect volume and vibration balances, setting a customized notification panel, and finding the right battery settings to keep all of your apps running perfectly.

Let’s go!



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