Ford Chooses Android Automotive as Infotainment OS of Choice

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Ford and Google announced a strategic partnership this morning, one that will see Android Automotive as the infotainment OS of choice starting in 2023 vehicles. Additionally, Google Cloud will be the automaker’s preferred cloud provider, promising to, “transform both Ford and the auto industry.”

Details seem a little vague in terms of what to expect as of right now, but the main things we can look forward to is deep infotainment integration with Google services such as Google Assistant and Google Maps. Just remember, Android Automotive differs from the Android Auto experience that requires a smartphone for functionality.

For all of you iPhone owners, don’t worry, CarPlay support isn’t going anywhere.

The partnership between Google and Ford also includes the creation of a collaborative workgroup called Team Upshift. This group’s work will apparently, “push the boundaries of modernization, unlocking personalized customer experiences, and driving disruptive data driven opportunities. For example, we’ll create new retail experiences for customers when buying a vehicle.”

As an Android lover, this is obviously great news, though, if I’m being totally honest, the Android Auto experience can be sometimes pretty janky. What’s being discussed here is a different platform, so hopefully it’s legit.

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